US companies to have best investment conditions in Poland - Duda

Polish President Andrzej Duda has declared that there is "a green light to offer US companies the best possible investment conditions in Poland," and stated that bilateral trade has recently grown by 50 percent.

"There is a green light to offer US companies the best possible conditions to invest and develop in Poland. This has been successful to a great extent over recent years, since Polish-US trade has gone up by 50 percent," Duda said during a meeting with US businessmen at the Presidential Palace on Thursday.

Duda, who just returned from the US, announced that "there is a green light, both in Poland and the US, to give US companies the best conditions for investing and developing, everything which is necessary to speak about well-functioning and well-developing economic cooperation."

Repeating that Polish-US trade had recently increased by 50 percent, Duda said it was a gigantic growth and noted that this was visible.

According to Duda, this progress is noticeable in various fields. He mentioned Poland's purchases of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the US, as well as huge US investments in Poland which have been recently announced. The president also spoke about Poland's highly-qualified specialists in modern technologies and IT.

Duda said Poland would gladly welcome US enterprise currently located in the Far East, most notably China, which US President Donald Trump wants to move back to the US in connection with business barriers in that region caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

He added that the Euroatlantic area was "an area of well-tested trust," especially in the economic sphere, and said Poland was eager to intensify mutual investment and trade.

At a press conference after the meeting, Duda said there were currently 1,500 US companies in Poland jointly employing over 300,000 people, whose total investments in Poland came to USD 63 billion. He added that Polish enterprise has also invested USD 6.3 billion on the US market.