US agrees to accept five more Polish children for specialist treatment

There is agreement for five more Polish children to travel to the USA for specialist medical treatment despite coronavirus restrictions, according to the Polish Foreign Ministry.

On Saturday, Poland's Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz tweeted that three Polish children will travel on charter flights of the Polish national carrier LOT to the US for urgent medical procedures.

On Sunday, the Polish Foreign Ministry tweeted that two more Polish patients had received US consent to travel for the same purpose.

The ministry added that the agreement was possible thanks to cooperation between the Polish embassy in the US, and its American counterpart in Poland, as well as between the US State Department and the American department at the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

On March 21 Przydacz said that three other children had been accepted to fly by special PLL LOT charter flights to the US.

Since March 13, flights have been suspended from Europe to the USA for foreigners who in the 14 days prior to their planned departure had been in the Schengen Area, which includes Poland.

This situation applies until further notice from US president Donald Trump, who earlier stated that the restriction would be in force for 30 days.