United Right must maintain unity - President's aide

Poland’s governing United Right coalition should maintain its unity over the EU budget agreement, the head of the president’s cabinet has said.

The appeal by Krzysztof Szczerski reflects unease within ruling political circles that the agreement struck between the EU, and Poland and Hungary could exacerbate differences in the coalition. Although dominated by Law and Justice, Solidary Poland, a junior member, has taken a harder line over the budget than has, at times, been at odds with that of its senior partner.

In a statement released just hours after the agreement was reached late on Thursday, Zbigniew Ziobro, the Solidary Poland leader, who is also justice minister, said the agreement would create a “significant limitation on Polish sovereignty”.

"My message to my colleagues from Solidary Poland is clear: the biggest loser in this current political situation is the Polish opposition, and let it remain so," responded Szczerski.

He stressed that "it would be very good if the unity of the United Right was preserved with its diversity of internal opinions."

"We have a lighter wing, (the leader of Agreement, deputy prime minister) Jarosław Gowin, and we have a harder wing, Zbigniew Ziobro, and we have the sensible centre, Law and Justice, and this shape of the United Right with these two wings has proved itself."