United Right leads support ranking

The ruling United Right (ZP) coalition would win an election held this Sunday with a 39 percent support, second would be the opposing Civic Coalition (KO) with 26 percent followed by the Poland 2050 party with 13 percent, a Social Changes survey run by the wPolityce portal revealed on Thursday.

Support for the ruling coalition is 1 percentage point (pp) down from the previous survey, support for KO remains unchanged, support for Poland 2050 is up 1 pp, wPolityce wrote.

Eight percent declared support for the far-right Confederation party (1 pp up), 7 percent for The Left (unchanged).

Two percent of respondents each opted for the Kukiz'15 party, the Polish People's Party (PSL) and former United Right coalitionist Agreement, so these parties would not reach the 5-percent threshold needed to get seats in the lower house of parliament.

The computer-assisted survey was run from October 15 to 18 on a random sample of 1,096 Poles.