United Right continue lead in latest electoral survey

Poland's ruling United Right camp is still nearly ten percentage points ahead of its main opponent, the centrist Civic Coalition, according to the latest survey from the Estymator pollster.

Were parliamentary elections to be held on Sunday, October 16, the United Right would take 37.1 percent of the vote while the Civic Coalition could count on 27.7 percent.

The Estymator survey shows that in October changes in support for political parties are small. Compared to the poll conducted in September, the United Right gained 1.4 percent, and the Civic Coalition gained 0.9 percent.

The Left and Szymon Holownia's centre-right party Poland 2050 placed third and fourth with 10.7 percent and 10.1 percent respectively.

The agrarian Polish People's Party (PSL) - Polish Coalition would take 6.8 percent of the vote and the hard-right Confederation - 5.7 percent.

In terms of mandates, the United Right could count on 210 seats in the Sejm (25 fewer than in the 2019 elections), the Civic Coalition on 139 (a 5-seat increase), the Left would have 42 deputies (7 fewer), Poland 2050 40 (the party did not exist in 2019), PSL - Polish Coalition 21 (a drop of 9 seats) and Confederation 7 (4 less than in 2019).

The expected turnout stands at 55 percent.

The study was conducted on a nationwide, representative sample of 1,033 adults using CATI computer-assisted telephone interviews.