Union of Lublin Agreement's presence on UNESCO list 'very important' - Cult Min

The inclusion of the Union of Lublin Agreement in UNESCO's Memory of the World Programme is very important, Poland's Culture Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Glinski said on Thursday.

Glinski was speaking during a ceremony held at the headquarters of the Central Archives of Historical Records in Warsaw to promote the 1569 document on the occasion of its inclusion in the UNESCO programme. The Memory of the World Programme aims to safeguard the documentary heritage of humanity. It includes 17 items representing Polish documentary heritage.  

Minister Glinski highlighted the fact that, "the Union of Lublin agreement is an exceptional testimony to the establishment of a community of two states, as a result of which, from the Polish Crown and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, there emerged a new, lasting state organism called the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth." "This agreement raised a personal union to the level of a real union, of a common king, and also established a common parliament, common foreign policy, common defence policy, a common army and currency," the culture minister reminded listeners.  

The deputy prime minster went on to describe the agreement's inclusion in the UNESCO programme as "very important." "This list includes the most valuable documents," he pointed out. "From 1997 until now, over 350 items have been included, 17 of them from Poland."

The Union of Lublin Agreement was included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme as a joint entry for Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine in 2017.