Union of Jewish communities, Rabbi against Ruderman campaign

The Union of Jewish Communities in Poland and Poland's Chief Rabbi Michael Schudrich firmly condemned on Wednesday a video of a group of Jews in the US calling for the suspension of ties with Poland over the anti-defamation law.

The Ruderman Family Foundation, an American Jewish philanthropic organisation, launched a campaign urging the United States to suspend its ties with Poland over that country’s law on rhetoric about the Holocaust.
The campaign includes a petition for suspension of relations and a professionally produced video message. It shows men, women and children saying "Polish Holocaust," which is supposed to be in defiance of the law passed by Poland earlier this month.

"'Polish Holocaust' is a phrase used in the video. We will never accept it. It is false and harmful," reads their statement issued on Wednesday.

Representatives of Jewish organisations said they did not accept the amended anti-defamation law but, in their opinion, it could not be answered "with a campaign of hatred."

They also declared that they had asked Youtube and Facebook to remove the spot as "it is misleading world public opinion."

Ridiculing the law, one of the people in the film is seen standing in a bar holding a beverage while saying "I wonder if they have beer in Polish prisons."

The campaign calls on the US to suspend its ties with Poland "on behalf of 6 million Jews" and launches the collection of signatures for a petition to this end.  

Under the so-called anti-defamation law, or the amended law on the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) - The Commission for the Prosecution of Crimes against the Polish Nation, all those who publicly attribute, contrary to the facts, responsibility or co-responsibility for the Third Reich's crimes - or other crimes against humanity and peace, as well as war crimes - to the Polish nation or the Polish state can be punished with a fine or a prison term of up to three years.