Unbe-LEAF-able! Poznań plant lovers raise over 5k for cash-strapped granny

The plant has sentimental value for Mrs Łucja as she has been cultivating it for 20 years since buying it with her late husband. Marcelina Dul

A cash-strapped granny who to make ends meet put her favourite pot plant up for sale had the surprise of her life when kind-hearted plant-lovers raised over 5,000 zł to help her out.

The 85-year-old known as Mrs Łucja from Poznań had been looking after her two-metre-tall monstera deliciosa for 20 years at her apartment in the city’s old town in which she also rented out two rooms.

But when the coronavirus pandemic hit, her tenants left leaving her penniless.

Desperate for cash, Mrs Łucja decided to put her beloved plant, which can cost several thousand złoty, up for sale for a mere 500 zl.

 Mrs Łucja wanted to sell the plant for 500zl.Marcelina Dul

Neighbour Marcelina Dul posted on social media: “My nice old neighbour would like to sell a monstera deliciosa plant she’s had for about 20 years.

“Unfortunately, the current situation has forced her to sell the plant. The plant is healthy, not sick, about 2m.”

But rather than see her part with the plant, members of the Roślinoholicy Poznań Facebook group (Plantoholics Poznań) organized a fundraiser.

Now, over 250 plant-lovers have chipped in, so far raising 5,200 zł.

Kind-hearted neighbour Marcelina Dul reached out to the plant-lovers who have no raised over 5,000 zł for the old lady.zrzutka.pl

One, Bart Woyt, posted: “I’m reading your comments and I’m very touched by what wonderful people we have here.

“With all my heart I support the idea to organize the fundraiser so that the monstera stays with the lady. I think of how attached I get to the plants I’ve had for a month, let alone 20 years.”

Marcelina’s mother, Jolanta Kursz Dul, added: “I’m proud of my daughter! Bravo!”

The fundraiser for Ms. Łucja can be found here: https://zrzutka.pl/9tr43j