UN-BEAR-LIEVABLE: bear video goes viral!

Friso Gentsch

A Facebook video of a close encounter between a Polish forester and a bear has sent the internet into meltdown. 

The 15-second clip, which has been viewed over 28,000 times, begins with chaotic scenes of forester Kazimierz Nóżka running through undergrowth after spotting the bear.

He then gains his composure and focuses on the brown bear which can be seen ambling along a woodland path just a few metres away before stopping to nibble some leaves.

Nóżka has become something of an internet sensation for his dramatic bear videos. 

In February, he recorded a mother bear wither two cubs. As they approached to within a few metres, he issued a brisk “no!”(nie, in Polish) and the mother changed direction. 

Previously, the forester from the Baligród forest district in Poland’s southern Bieszczady mountains had come to internet attention for saving a female bear from a pack of wolves. 

He regularly observes bears in their natural environment and posts videos on his Facebook fanpage.