Ukrainian stopped at border with EUR 500,000 and USD 240,000 cash

A Ukrainian national was caught at the Polish-Ukrainian border on Saturday night trying to take out of Poland an undeclared cash sum of EUR 500,000 and almost USD 240,000, the Ukrainian Border Guard announced on Sunday.

Officers took the decision to conduct a thorough inspection of a bus when they noticed the nervous behaviour of the 37-year-old driver. Border guards found the cash packed in carrier bags among the personal belongings of a man and under a passenger seat. In connection with the man's failure to inform the services of the cash he was carrying, the matter has been referred to court and the money confiscated.

The incident occurred at the Dolhobyczow-Ukhrynov border crossing.

It is permitted to carry the equivalent of EUR 10,000 into Ukraine from Poland without making a written declaration.