Ukrainian parliament to express gratitude to Poland for solidarity

The Supreme Council of Ukraine, the country's unicameral parliament, in a draft resolution has expressed gratitude to the Polish parliament for the manifestation of solidarity with the Ukrainian people fighting against Russia's aggression for their freedom and independence.

The Supreme Council of Ukraine also expresses its gratitude to the Polish people for their extraordinary assistance, reads the draft published on the Ukrainian parliament's website.

The draft says that Ukraine and the Ukrainian people appreciate Poland's significant contribution to their fight against Russia's full-scale invasion and express profound gratitude to Poland's parliament, whose term of office ends this autumn, for its clear and active position supporting Ukraine, reads the draft.

The document states that, over the two years of war, the Polish Sejm and Senate, the lower and upper houses of parliament, have extended a helping hand to Ukraine and done a lot for Ukraine's support, including the support for Ukraine's Nato membership.

The Polish parliament was among the first to adopt a resolution supporting Ukraine and calling for Russian criminals to be brought before international courts for war crimes and homicide, reads the draft.

The planned resolution also underlines that a law adopted by the Polish parliament which made it possible to deliver weapons to Ukraine should be seen as "one of the most significant in history."

The Ukrainian parliament is grateful for a Polish Sejm resolution which described Russia as a country sponsoring terrorism and the Russian regime as a terrorist one, the document says.

The Supreme Council of Ukraine is planned to vote the draft during its forthcoming sitting, which will most likely be held next week. 

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