Ukrainian grain inspections moved from Polish border to Lithuania

Polish, Ukrainian and Lithuanian agriculture ministers have reached a deal to facilitate Ukrainian grain transit through Poland by transferring product inspections from the Polish border to a Lithuanian port, the Polish agriculture minister has said.

Ryszard Telus told a Tuesday press briefing that, earlier in the morning, he had held an online meeting with Ukraine's Mykola Solski and Lithuania's Kestutis Navickas to discuss the transit of Ukrainian grain through Poland.

"We agreed on an important matter. From tomorrow, inspections (previously carried out - PAP) on the Ukrainian-Polish border, as regards grain transiting through Lithuania, will be carried out in Lithuania, in a Lithuanian port," he said.

Telus added that "this is a good thing in building this transit, in building this solidarity corridor that we, as Poland, have built in Europe."

In mid-September, Poland introduced a ban on imports of Ukrainian grain, but continues to allow for the transit of Ukrainian agricultural goods.

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