Ukrainian Air Force to help investigate Polish missile blast

The Ukrainian Air Force said it would support the investigation into Tuesday's missile explosion in Poland "as much as possible".

The blast killed two people near the Polish border with Ukraine. Just why the missile hit Poland and who launched it is now the subject of an official investigation.

Air Force spokesman Yuri Ihnat said on Wednesday "A proper analysis is underway. The Air Force will support (this process - PAP) as much as possible, specialists will be involved if necessary, and we will provide certain materials."

He added that "this is a really high-profile situation and it's not for the first time," referring to an "incident in Moldova" a few weeks ago.

"Russian missiles that attacked Ukraine flew through the airspace of sovereign Moldova, were shot down by our air defences after crossing the Ukrainian border with Moldova and fell on Moldovan territory," the spokesman said.

"Plus, Russian unmanned aerial vehicles operate on the Romanian border, and this is a Nato country, there are completely different challenges and priorities," he added.

Ihnat made it clear that Ukraine was only defending itself against missile strikes by the Russian army. On November 15, 10 missiles were shot down in the Lviv region.