Ukraine war must end in safe way for Poland says Duda

Albert Zawada/PAP

Bringing the war in Ukraine to an end that ensures Polish security is the fundamental priority of Polish foreign policy, Poland's president has told the country's ambassadors.

On Tuesday afternoon, Andrzej Duda met Poland's ambassadors at their annual conference organised by the Foreign Ministry.

Speaking at the event, he said that for the first time since the end of World War Two "we are dealing with a full-scale war, with all the worst consequences."

"Mass murders of civilians.... methodical destruction of civil infrastructure, the forced deportations of the population, including children, millions of refugees who seek shelter in Western Europe... and even around the world," Duda said.

According to the Polish president, no one has any doubts that the war will not only bring changes to the international system but, in the long run, probably lead to "some form of bipolarity."

"Most importantly, the security architecture of our region will also change, redefining the economic position, the level of security, and also the development opportunities of our country and the entire region," he said.

Duda added that these changes depended on: "Kiev's capabilities and resources to defend its territory, as well as its chances of taking the offensive to regain Russian-occupied territories."

Therefore, Duda added, "an absolutely fundamental priority" of Poland's foreign policy "is that this war ends in a safe way for Poland. Not only that it simply ends. No, that's not what we mean."