Ukraine sends diplomatic note to Poland over death of Ukrainian citizen

The Ukrainian embassy has sent a diplomatic note to Poland's foreign ministry regarding the death of a Ukrainian in Poland, the country's ambassador to Poland has written on Twitter.

On Friday evening, Andriy Deshchytsia also posted a link on Twitter to his comment made to the state information and news agency, Ukrinform, in which he reported a diplomatic note was being prepared that would include a request to "conduct an impartial and speedy investigation, hold liable the persons responsible and keep the Ukrainian side informed about this specific event."

The Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Thursday that Dmytro Nykyforenko, a 25-year-old Ukrainian citizen, had died at the end of July after being detained and severely beaten by police at a facility which accommodates alcohol-intoxicated persons. The newspaper established that the man was pepper-sprayed, beaten with police clubs and choked, as evidenced by surveillance video.

The Ukrainian ambassador also noted that the case concerning the death of the man has been under the control of Ukrainian diplomatic authorities, including the Consulate General of Ukraine in Krakow, in southern Poland.

Four of the officers who took part in the intervention at the facility have been suspended by the Wroclaw Chief of Police, in south-western Poland. A procedure to discharge two of the officers has been initiated.

According to the Municipal Police Headquarters in Wroclaw, south-western Poland, reports received by the intervening policemen indicated that the man was drunk and aggressive.