Ukraine introduces quarantine for people travelling from Poland

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Ukraine has put Poland on a list of countries of heightened COVID-19 risk; people travelling from Poland to Ukraine must spend 14 days in quarantine, the government service has announced.

The quarantine obligation also applies to people who have been in Poland within 14 days of crossing the border.

There are exceptions to the quarantine rule. It does not apply to children under 12, people transiting Ukraine for no longer than 48 hours, truck drivers and crew members, air, sea and river boat crews, train and locomotive crews and drivers of coaches running a regular service.

Also exempt are cultural activists invited by cultural institutions together with one accompanying person, NATO instructors and staff of diplomatic and consular missions.

A communique stated that quarantine in Ukraine is conducted with the aid of the 'Work at home' application. After receiving notification from the app, the quarantined person must take a photo of their face that will match a reference photo taken at the start of quarantine.

Ukrainian authorities recommend downloading and logging onto the application before arriving at the border. It was also stated that the "Work at home' app can only be installed on Ukrainian phone numbers.

The communique also stated that the basis for finishing quarantine is receiving a negative test result for coronavirus, conducted no more than 48 hours after entering Ukraine.

In recent days a high level of coronavirus infections has been recorded in Poland. On Sunday the Ministry of Health announced a further 548 confirmed cases; 10 people had also died within the last 24 hours. In total almost 46,900 infections have been recorded in Poland.