Two thirds of Poles support presence of NATO forces - opinion poll

As many as 67 percent of Poles support the deployment of soldiers from other NATO countries in Poland, according to a new CBOS poll.

This is the highest level of support for a NATO presence in Poland ever recorded in a CBOS survey, the company said.

Almost one fourth of those asked, 24 percent, declared firm approval for the deployment of soldiers from fellow alliance member states in Poland. A further 43 percent offered moderate support. This makes for a total approval rate of 67 percent, two percentage points more than in a previous such poll, in February 2017.

At the same time, opponents of a NATO deployment in Poland accounted for 22 percent of respondents, two percentage points fewer than in 2017.

Moreover, 61 percent of those asked - two percentage points more than last year - said Poland can be sure NATO allies will help defend the country's borders if necessary. On the other hand, 29 percent believe it is not certain that allies will come to Poland's aid.

When it comes to Poland's membership of NATO, 79 percent of respondents - three percentage points fewer than in 2017 - declared their support, with 3 percent voicing their opposition and 14 percent remaining indifferent.

The CBOS poll was conducted in late May, just before the session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Warsaw between May 25 and 28.