Two groups of migrants try to force Belarus border

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

Two groups of migrants tried to force their way through the Polish border with Belarus, the Polish Border Guard reported on Tuesday morning.

Areas adjacent to Poland's border with Belarus have been under state of emergency since September 2 due to migratory pressure Warsaw blames on a 'hybrid war' tactic employed by Belarus to destabilise the EU.

A Border Guard press officer said an attempt was made by about 100 migrants at around 4pm on Monday near the village of Dubicze Cerkiewne.

"Green lasers were used to blind our officers," Ewelina Szczepanska said. "The foreigners threw stones, breaking the glass of a military vehicle. Nobody was injured. The attempt was completely thwarted."

A second attempt to force the border occurred near the village of Czeremcha, with about 50 migrants taking part, Szczepanska said.

"It was also a very aggressive group," she continued. "Branches, logs and rocks were thrown. One soldier was hit in the head by a rock. Despite his helmet, his head was cut open. Medical aid was called to the scene."

Since the start of the migration crisis at Poland's eastern border, the Border Guard has recorded over 33,000 attempts to illegally enter Poland from Belarus, with 5,300 of them in November alone. October saw 17,300 attempts, September 7,700 and August 3,500.

Deputy Foreign Minister Marcin Przydacz said on Tuesday that if the situation escalates, the closure of further border crossing points cannot be ruled out.

Przdacz said the border crossing at Kuznica had been closed due to aggression from the Belarusian side.

"If the situation escalates, if the signals are not read by the regime in Minsk, it is not ruled out that further crossings will be closed," he said.

Speaking on public television, he also said Poland hoped it would not be necessary to trigger Article 4 of the Nato treaty, which provides for joint consultations among member states if one of them feels threatened.