Two Algerians found hiding under semi-trailer truck in Poland

Darek Delmanowicz/PAP

The Polish Border Guard seized in Raba Wyzna (southern Poland) two Algerians who came from Bosnia and Herzegovina hidden under a semi-trailer truck. The men, aged 37 and 39, left Algeria a year and a half ago to seek a better place to live.

"The foreigners came to Poland hidden under a semi-trailer truck carrying metal scaffolding from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Poland. During a stop at a petrol station on Saturday, the Polish driver heard voices coming from under the semi-trailer," Justyna Drozdz of the Karpacki Border Guards unit said on Tuesday, adding that the driver had found two men there.

The two illegal migrants told Polish border guards they wanted to reach Western Europe, mainly Germany. Earlier, they had repeatedly failed to cross the EU border. They have been charged with illegal crossing of the state border and sentenced to a four-month jail term, wholly suspended for two years.

The men tested negative for coronavirus.

In accordance with the ruling of a court in Nowy Targ (southern Poland), the foreigners are to be placed in a guarded centre for foreigners in Bialystok (north-eastern Poland)).