Twenty Polish firms on FT list of fastest-developing companies

This year's list of the 1,000 fastest developing companies in Europe, according to British daily The Financial Times (FT1000), contains 20 companies from Poland.

The UK daily published this year's list on Friday. The ranking is dominated by companies from Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy (respectively 259, 194, 156, 129 and 104), most of them technology companies. 

Poland's total of 20 companies on the list compares to just six on last year's. The result is better than that of Sweden (17) and other countries of the region. 

Of the 20 Polish entries, 60 percent are technology companies, including Benhaur (26th place), Tooploox (30th), RTB House (46th), CodiLime (49th) Cloud Technologies (60th) and Creotech (242nd). 

The director of the space programme at Creotech Technologies, Jacek Kosiec, believes Poland has a chance to catch up with the West as the number of Polish firms on the FT1000 is growing rapidly and technology firms have a large share. 

"The world is changing very quickly and one of the most important factors affecting the vectors of those changes is the technological revolution going on before our eyes. Poles and Polish entrepreneurs are doing unexpectedly well in such a fast-changing world. As long as we have the determination, we have the chance to avoid the so-called middle-income trap and also to break our historical, centuries-long technological backwardness compared to the West," Kosiec said. 

The report's authors compared the pace of income growth of enterprises from 31 European countries between 2013 and 2016, but only companies from 22 countries qualified for the list. The criteria for inclusion, among others, are minimum income in 2013 of EUR 100,000, and in 2016 income of at least EUR 1.5 million, the company must be independent (i.e. not a subsidiary of another firm) and the headquarters must be located in a European country.  

First place on the list was taken for the second year running by a company specialising in food delivery - this year it was UK-based Deliveroo, which ousted Germany's HelloFresh from last year's leading position. Despite Brexit, London still occupies first place among cities hosting the fastest-growing companies, with 74 companies on the list having their headquarters there. In second place is Paris (62) and third Milan (25).