Twenty Belarusian start-ups come to Poland

Poland has managed to attract 20 Belarusian start-ups, PAP has been told by the president of the Startup Hub Poland Foundation, part of the government “Poland Business Harbour” project.

Poland Business Harbour (PBH) is a state-funded initiative that provides a support package for Belarusian IT specialists and companies from this sector, both start-ups and fully developed enterprises.

The aim of the project is to create a safe haven for Belarusian IT specialists and to encourage them to develop their talents in Poland.

The Startup Hub Poland Foundation also offers legal assistance to IT Belarusian specialists, prepares accommodation and work space for them.

"Since the beginning of the project, Poland has already issued nearly 14,000 visas for Belarusian IT specialists and their families," said Maciej Sadowski and added that his foundation had received over 150 applications from very innovative start-ups.

He added that Belarusian specialists were highly-qualified innovators, who were being sought after by world's largest economies. He also stated that they were as talented as the best coders from Poland, Russia or China.