TVN will not give in to efforts to limit media freedom – management board

Jacek Turczyk/PAP

The management board of TVN, a private television station in Poland, reacted on Thursday to a draft amendment to a media law that was presented by ruling party MPs by saying it was "trying to silence us."

"The bill, presented at night, is trying to silence us and deprive viewers of their right to choose. Under the guise of fighting foreign propaganda, attempts are being made to limit the freedom of the media. We will not yield to any pressure and we will remain independent, and continue to act on behalf of our viewers," wrote the management board.

Late Wednesday evening, a group of Law and Justice MPs submitted to the Sejm (lower house) a draft amendment to the radio and television broadcasting act.

The draft indicates, among other points, that "a license to transmit radio and television programs may be granted to a foreign entity whose headquarters or permanent address is in a Member State of the European Economic Area, and one whose headquarters or permanent address is not in a country which is not a member state of the European Economic Area."

"For TVN, what matters most are the viewers and their right to reliable, proven information," reads the statement.

"It is on their behalf that our journalists seek answers and for over 20 years have been keeping an eye on each and every government," TVN added.

Currently, TVN is in talks with the National Council of Radio Broadcasting and Television (KRRiT) concerning an extension of its broadcasting license.

TVN is owned by TVN Group, which as of March 2018, is a subsidiary of Discovery Inc., but it is managed by the Polish Television Holding BV, which is registered in the Netherlands.