Trump brings Poland into visa waiver programme

Trump brings Poland into visa waiver programme Chris Kleponis/PAP/EPA

US President Donald Trump has said he has officially agreed to Poland’s entry into a visa waiver programme.

In a brief statement the President told reporters on Friday that he had signed a document giving Poland a full visa waiver, meaning Poles will now be able to travel to the US for business or as tourists for up to 90 days without a visa. 

The President said: “The visa waivers are in store, have already been approved and we’re doing it now so that we can get them done as soon as we can.” 

He added, in reference to President Duda: “It was very important, I think, for the President to get that done and he was able to get it through a lot of hard work.”

Poland has been waiting for admission to the American visa waiver programme for nearly 30 years. 

To qualify depends on the percentage of visas that have been refused and whether it is below 3 per cent. 

The percentage is calculated annually at the end of September and this year saw Poland qualify. 

Trump has also pledged to move 1,000 US troops to Poland, with the Polivisash government paying to build facilities for them.