Troops from five Nato countries take part in Jenot-23 exercise

Soldiers from Poland, Great Britain, the United States, Croatia and Romania took part in the Jenot-23 exercise, as part of the Anakonda-23 exercise, the General Command of the Armed Forces (DG RSZ) said on Wednesday.

The aim of the exercise was to halt an advancing enemy army and drive it out of the occupied area. "The main objective of the exercise was to improve the cooperation of soldiers of allied countries and build interoperability at the Nato level," DG RSZ wrote in a press release.

The Wednesday announcement stated that during the exercise "the main forces were soldiers from the 15th Gizycko Mechanised Brigade (15 GBZ) and American soldiers from the Nato Battalion Battle Group (eFP), stationed in Bemowo Piskie (northern Poland - PAP)."

PT-91 and Abrams tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles took part in the operations. "The actions of the armoured forces were supported by artillery, such as Croatian PzH 2000 howitzers, M109A6 Paladin howitzers and M1064 mortars of the American armed forces, as well as two 15 GBZ platoons equipped with Spike anti-tank guided missiles," DG RSZ statement read.

Anakonda-23 is the ninth edition of this exercise. It is a national exercise involving allied and partner forces. It is closely coordinated with the American exercise Defender 23 and the Swedish Aurora 23 as part of an initiative to combine exercises along NATO's eastern flank called Exercise Trifecta.

The exercise was first held in 2006 and initially took place every two years. From 2018, due to its scale, it is planned in a three-yearly cycle. It is defensive in nature and is not directed against any country; the scenario of the exercise is based on a fictitious geopolitical division and location of countries, and its preparation started in 2021.

The concept of this year's exercise was influenced by operational requirements formulated in connection with Russia's invasion of Ukraine.