Toruń’s Copernicus takes centre stage at Dwurnik retrospective

CSW's Paulina Kuhn talks about her favourite piece in the Dwurnik exhibition - 'Klęska Urodzaju'. John Beauchamp

Basking in the summer heat, the rooftops housing the Old Town of Toruń shine an envious eye on the glass-fronted entrance to the cool confines of the CSW Centre of Contemporary Art.

Inside, a look back at one of Poland’s most commercially successful and prolific artists Edward Dwurnik, with an exhibition tallying more than 450 his works produced over his lifetime.

Edward Dwurnik, Miasto – Warszawa, Krakowskie PrzedmieścieKrzysztof Deczyński/Courtesy Muzeum Okręgowe Toruń/Courtesy CSW Toruń

This monumental show is the first of its kind since Edward Dwurnik died in 2018 following a career spanning half a century. Born in 1943, the talented artist produced a massive collection numbering over 20,000 works, ranging from urban murals and sweeping canvases to scale drawings and print graphics.

Debrief host John Beauchamp with Paulina Kuhn from Toruń's Centre of Contemporary Art.Bartosz Panek

Host John Beauchamp speaks to Paulina Kuhn from the Toruń Centre of Contemporary Art.

The exhibition marks an important chapter in the CSW’s still young history, as Dwurnik’s striking blue and black portrait of a punked-up Copernicus was the first work of art donated to the new gallery’s collection when it was founded fifteen years ago in 2006.

Edward Dwurnik, Mikołaj KopernikKolekcja Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej „Znaki Czasu” w Toruniu

In the episode, we explore how the stylistic periods in Edward Dwurnik’s career form the back-bone of the exhibition, with some highlights along the way in this exclusive gallery walkabout.

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