Today’s news round-up in Poland

Today’s news round-up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. – Globalisation has undermined the dominant position of domestic potatoes in Poland as Poles often choose the vegetable that had been grown in Egypt, Cyprus, Sweden, the UK, France or Denmark, as Polish potato farms have been hit by drought, the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza wrote. Although Poland is the EU's second biggest producer of the vegetable and Poles eat the most spuds among all Europeans, the golden years of Polish potatoes may be over, the newspaper added. – Seven policemen have been removed from an officer's course at a police school in Szczytno, north-eastern Poland, the private news channel TVN24 reported. They are awaiting disciplinary proceedings after they mocked official police ceremonies during a party at the police school that was videotaped.

TVPInfo – The first plane with Polish tourists evacuated from the Greek island of Rhodes landed in Warsaw on Monday night, the state-owned news channel TVP Info reported. "Smoke was the worst thing, it was suffocating us," Michal, one of the evacuees told TVP Info. "People abandoned their suitcases on the beach." Fires have been raging on Rhodes for several days now, sparking the largest evacuation in Greek history. - Poland's south-western region of Lower Silesia may have the biggest concentration of waste dumps in Poland, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita wrote. Following the recent fire of a chemical waste storage in the neighbouring region of Lubuskie, the problem of Lower Silesia's dump sites has become even more acute. Local councillors have appealed for two years for inspections of the sites, but the province governor has not acted on the appeals, the newspaper added. 

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