Today’s news round up in Poland

Today’s news round up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. An English court has convicted a 15-year-old boy of killing a 14-year-old Polish boy last year, the news broadcaster TVN24 reported. The Pole was stabbed to death during an altercation between the two of them in the north-eastern town of Gateshead in October. The guilty boy, who was 14 at the time, was found guilty of manslaughter. The victim’s family had moved to the UK in 2012. – A coalition between Law and Justice (PiS), the dominant party in the current government, and the far-right party Confederation could happen after this year’s general election, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita wrote. The paper cited an IBRiS opinion poll that showed a slight drop in support for PiS while Confederation strengthened its position. If the poll’s results were translated into parliamentary seats the two could form a coalition government with a majority of nine seats. – The state-owned broadcaster TVP Info reported on a speech by David Zaslav, the head of Warner Bros, the American firm that owns rival broadcaster TVN. TVP Info said that Zaslav was “delighted” over a documentary his network ran alleging that Pope John Paul II covered up incidences of sexual abuse by priests. TVP Info called the documentary “shameful” and said it was based on lies concocted by Poland’s communist-era secret police. The documentary, TVP added, has also attracted thousands of complaints. – The newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza wrote that a sub-committee led by Antoni Macierewicz, a close ally of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the governing Law and Justice party, has notified prosecutors of the possible assassination of the president of Poland. The notification refers to the death of President Lech Kaczynski, Jaroslaw’s twin brother, in the Smolensk air disaster in 2010. The sub-committee, in a report, concluded the aircraft the president was travelling in was downed by an explosion. Two air-crash investigations into the disaster found that it was an accident.