Today’s news round up in Poland

Today’s news round up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. The government got PLN 70 billion (EUR 14.9 bln) last year in corporate income tax (CIT), a 34 percent increase on 2021, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported. This is the biggest increase in many years, and the first time revenue from CIT has exceeded that from personal income tax. While the closure of tax loopholes has produced more income, experts told the paper that a growing tax base and inflation also contributed to the rapid increase. – The newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza carried an interview with Marcin Gutowski, the reporter from the news channel TVN24 who produced a report on how Pope John Paul II, when he was Cardinal Karol Wojtyla, knew about sexual abuse by priests but failed to act. Gutowski said that since the report was broadcast more people have come forward with information about alleged abuse by priests during the time Cardinal Wojtyla was in office. Despite evidence of abuse the cardinal apparently moved priests on to other parishes. – Prosecutors are conducting 64 investigations into Polish firms violating sanctions imposed on Russia, the state-run news channel TVPInfo has found out. According to experts cited by the channel, many of the violations stem from false declarations on customs forms to mask the origins or destination of certain products. People involved in sanctions busting run the risk of having their goods seized, or, in more serious cases, going to prison. – The private news broadcaster TVN24 reported on the start of the trial in Warsaw of a group of people who allegedly transported migrants from the border with Belarus in buses made to look like ambulances. According to investigators, the group may have made 10 transports before being stopped. In one incident police found 18 people in one of the ‘ambulances’, which was taking them to Poland’s western border.