Today’s news round up in Poland

Today’s news round up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. – HSW, a Polish producer of heavy weapons, will double production of the Krab 150mm self-propelled guns as part of an expansion programme, the newspaper Rzeczpospolita reported. The Krabs have seen extensive action in Ukraine and have, according to HSW, won themselves an excellent reputation amongst Ukrainian forces. Many of the details of the HSW expansion programme are shrouded in secrecy but the newspaper said that 37 hectares of land have been earmarked as the site for the new productions facilities. – In a column for the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, Agniezska Kublik wrote that Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the leader of the governing Law and Justice party, was disappointed with Joe Biden’s speech on Tuesday. After the US president had finished speaking Kaczynski said "he didn’t say anything". Kublik said that Kaczynski may have been disappointed because Biden had not given him a "blank cheque", an apparent reference to the US president making no statements on increasing the US military presence in Poland. She added that Biden had made a number of clear statements on US commitment to Poland and regional security that were somehow lost on Kaczynski. – Military prosecutors in Gdansk have filed an indictment against a Russian man who allegedly spied on Poland for Russian intelligence for a number of years, state-owned news network TVPInfo wrote on Thursday. The man, who was arrested in April, apparently tried to infiltrate and monitor Polish military units in north-east Poland. The defendant, according to the Gdansk Prosecutor’s Office, wanted information on "individual military units, their location, organisation and staffing structures, salaries as well as information on their armaments". – The US Congress has agreed to the sale of nearly 500 HIMARS launchers to Poland, the news network TVN24 reported on Thursday morning. Mariusz Blaszczak, the Polish defence minister, said the "contract would be finalised soon". Most of the launchers will be carried on Jelcz vehicles, which will be made in Poland. The M142 HIMARS system has been credited with helping Ukrainian forces halt and reverse Russian advances.