Today’s news round up in Poland

Today’s news round up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. - The state-owned news network’s lead story on its website on Tuesday was the arrival of a 76-strong Polish search and rescue team in Turkey. The Poles, along with their eight dogs, landed at an airport in the south-eastern town of Gazientap, which lies close to the area that was shattered by earthquakes on Monday. The Poles, who took with them 20 tonnes of equipment, face a race against the clock to find people alive in the rubble owing to temperatures that will fall below -8 degrees Celsius. – There is a new name on petrol pumps in Poland, the private news network reported on Tuesday. Hungary’s MOL Group opened a filling station in the Swietokrzyskie province, which was the first one of 410 Lotus station that will be re-branded with the MOL colours and logo. The rebranding is linked to the merger of PKN Orlen and Lotus. MOL will become the fourth largest operator of filling stations in Poland. - The newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza looked at PPKs, a "flagship" employee pension scheme the government introduced in 2018. According to the paper, the scheme has met with little enthusiasm with only about 30 percent of employees signing up to it. In order to boost participation, the government is now planning to use "auto-enrolment" in the scheme for most people. These plans come despite the lukewarm reception employees have given PPKs so far. – The newspaper Rzeczpospolita continued its investigation into organisations, some of which sport ties to the governing Law and Justice party, which have received funding from government ministries. The newspaper found one, called Faith and Tradition, which received PLN 430,000 (EUR 90,650) for promoting "patriotic, national and Catholic attitudes" last year. But the organisation, the paper wrote, is a "ghost" as it does not have a website, or a telephone number and just what it does and who works for it is hard to establish.