Today’s news round up in Poland

Today’s news round up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. - One of the milestones Poland needs to fulfil to get access to European Union Recovery Fund demands changing the statute of Polish parliament. Each legislation draft, including those proposed by MPs, should have an assessment of its impact and go through a public consultation process. Currently, drafts proposed by MPs do not have to be compliant with these requirements. Sejm Speaker (lower house of the parliament) Elzbieta Witek said that there was no need to change the statute but added: "Once in a while, we do change the Sejm's statute, so everything is possible." Poland is eligible for EUR 24 billion in grants and EUR 11.5 billion in inexpensive loans to rebuild its economy after the COVID-19 pandemic if the country fulfils all milestones agreed upon with the European Commission. - According to the Country Index for Family Businesses, Poland is the tenth most attractive European country, two posts higher than in 2020. The index of 21 industrial countries was prepared by The Centre for European Economic Research based in Mannheim, Germany. The country index is calculated as a weighted average of six sub-indices: taxes, labour costs, regulation, financing, energy and the combined area of infrastructure and investment. The list is led by the United States, Canada, Sweden and Switzerland, while Germany has fallen six places. Also, Austria and the Netherlands experienced steep declines. - According to a poll carried out by United Surveys for the Wirtualna Polska website, over half of Poles (52.4 percent) believe the ruling United Right coalition will continue governing until the general election in autumn this year. Currently, there is a conflict between the major party Law and Justice (PiS) and its smaller partner Solidary Poland over the milestones set by the European Commission for Poland to get access to the European Recovery Fund. Less than a quarter (22.9 percent) of the respondents feel that the United Right will split before the general election, and 24.7 percent have no opinion on the matter. - The biggest private radio broadcaster carried a story that in Leeds, in the UK, a 27-year-old Pole and her 4-year-old daughter were fatally injured by a car which had crashed into the wall of a car dealership. The accident took place on Monday, but local police revealed the victim's details on Tuesday, wrote. Detective Inspector Paul Conroy of the major collision enquiry team, told Sky News: "This is an absolutely tragic incident, and we are working to support the family of the woman and child involved."