Today’s news round up in Poland

Today’s news round up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. – The newspaper Rzeczpospolita looked at the case of Judge Igor Tuleya and its implications for billions of euros in EU funding that Poland can't get access to owing to a rule of law dispute. Yesterday, the judge, who had become a symbol of opposition to government changes to the Polish legal system, was reinstated and so can return to work. But this might not be enough to get the EU to turn on the funding tap because it expects the government to reverse more of its changes to the judicial system. – The public broadcaster ran on a story on a "strange" video published on social media that shows the mayor of the town of Pszczyna and some council members indulging in something called the Slap Fighting Challenge in a local bar. The four men were filmed in a bar happily slapping each other in the face. The spokesman for the local council, who was one of the men slapping at the bar said that all of us "in our private lives can kick back and have fun." - The State Paedophilia Commission has urged the Polish Episcopate to establish its own commission to investigate the scale of paedophilia amongst priests and how the Church has handled the problem. According to the newspaper, the Episcopate has no plans to establish any investigative body. – The private television channel TVN24 warned that next year could see a steep rise in social insurance contributions that could push many small companies over the economic edge. It said that, in 2023, they will pay PLN 1,400 (EUR 299) a month, PLN 200 (EUR 42) more than they do now. This, along with health insurance, will mean they will pay PLN 2,000 (EUR 427) a month. Apparently, there are already 210,000 companies that are already behind in the social insurance contributions.