Today’s news round up in Poland

Today’s news round up in Poland Kalbar/TFN

Start your day with a summary of today’s top stories from Poland’s leading news sites. – The Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper ran a story on how the government apparently wants to make budget saving on the health service while at the same time dipping into special reserves on the Nation Health Fund to help cover extraordinary costs, such as the purchase of coal this year. The paper said the government also has plans to invest money in health infrastructure and equipment that had been earmarked for the treatment of patients. – The public broadcaster looked into a story on how the mayor of Wroclaw bought a house in an "exclusive" area for PLN 1.6 million (EUR 330,000). According to the story on the TVPInfo website, Jacek Sutryk’s 240-square-metre house comes with garage and a swimming pool. The house, which apparently belonged to the owner of Wroclaw speedway club is "generously subsidised by municipal money." A local councillor of the ruling Law and Justice party has called for the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau to investigate the matter. – An Albanian investigation into the death of a Polish businessman linked to a scandal involving the purchase of ventilators that never materialised is now in the hands of Polish prosecutors, the Rzeczpospolita newspaper wrote on Monday. Andrzej Izdebski was contracted by the Health Ministry to supply ventilators in 2020 as Poland struggled to cope with the Covid pandemic. He received PLN 154 million (EUR 31 million) in advance but failed to fulfil the contract. Before charges could be brought against him he fled to Albania, where he died in June. But his body was reportedly immediately cremated without formal identification, raising concerns with Polish investigators. In an interview for private news network TVN24, Pawel Kowal, an opposition MP and a former deputy foreign minister, said that members of Vladimir Putin's inner circle could attempt to remove the Russian leader. They know, explained Kowal, that if they do not move quickly the health and stability of Russia will become increasingly threatened. "There will be a day when Putin is no longer in power; either he will be dead or side-lined," said the MP.