Three presidents call on EU to enlarge aid package for Belarus

Three presidents call on EU to enlarge aid package for Belarus Radek Pietruszka/PAP

The presidents of Poland, Lithuania, and Romania have appealed to the EU to enlarge its aid package designed to help a democratic economic transformation of Belarus.

In a joint statement issued on Monday, Presidents Andrzej Duda, Gitanas Nauseda and Klaus Iohannis, respectively, suggest that the EU should facilitate trade, help diversify the Belarusian energy sector and offer access to economy restructuring funds.

The three heads of state underlined that they supported freedom and the development of democratic regulations in Belarus. They stated that "a free, honest and clear election is a fundamental democratic right of every nation," and added that the recognition of its result as compatible with the law is possible only when they are being carried out in accordance with the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights and under international supervision.

Presidents Duda, Nauseda and Iohannis underlined that, "apart from the Belarusian people, no one has the final right to decide about the fate of their country." They also declared that they would respect every decision taken in accordance with the law.

They stated that "a prosperous Belarus, built on social trust and a common vision, is a pre-condition of a more stable and secure Europe."

The three declared their will to cooperate with the Belarusian people in the building of a democratic path by democratically-elected state leaders, the market economy and law and order."

According to the three presidents, Poland, Lithuania and Romania are ready to share their knowledge and experience regarding political and economic reforms, the building of independent institutions and climate protection.

"We believe that, supporting the Belarusian people and being a great economic global power, the EU should expand its aid package for a democratic economic transformation of Belarus," they wrote.

The three statesmen believe that the aid package should include facilitations in trade with the EU, aid during negotiations with WTO and the introduction of visa-free traffic after Belarus has met necessary requirements. They also suggest that the EU should help Belarus diversify its energy sector and gain access to funds, which are necessary to restructure and animate the Belarusian liberal economy.

"We are calling on the international community to join the EU and its member states in order to prepare a positive programme for Belarus together with a package supporting political, economic and social changes in that country," reads the statement.

The EU will hold its next summit on September 24 and 25.

Last week, Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki announced that during the forthcoming EU summit he would present on behalf of the Visegrad Group a Marshall Plan for Belarus.

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