Three detained by police for ammunition theft

Marcin Bielecki/PAP

Police have arrested three people in connection with the theft of crates of ammunition from a train manned by US soldiers at a depot in the south-western town of Wegliniec, a district prosecutor's office spokesperson said on Wednesday.

"Proceedings concerning the detainees are currently underway," said Tomasz Czulowski, adding that more information would be provided later.

The Prosecutor's Office in Jelenia Gora is presently investigating the case which includes the charges of theft and breaking into a rail-wagon.

Mariusz Ciarka, a police spokesperson, confirmed to PAP that four crates of ammunition had been stolen last Sunday from a train manned by US troops. The boxes were found by police, later on Wednesday, submerged in a pond.

He added that three of the sealed crates did not have any signs of tampering and that one of the crates was opened but none of the ammunition was missing.