Thousands of Polish homes without power due to strong winds

Leszek Szymański/PAP

Over 105,000 Polish households were still without electricity on Sunday night due to strong winds sweeping across the country, the Government Security Centre (RCB) has reported.

The north-western Zachodniopomorskie province with 33,000 households, the central Mazowieckie province with 29,000 households and the western Wielkopolskie province with 12,000 households were the most badly hit, an RCB spokesperson said on Twitter.

Polish state-owned railways PKP reported 51 incidents caused by strong winds on Sunday, resulting in 114 train delays and 63 cancellations.

Over the past week, the winds caused serious damage in various parts of Poland, killing several people, ripping off roofs from houses and damaging cars and other property.

According to Polish meteorologists, strong winds and rain will continue until Wednesday.