Thousands join Black Friday protests against abortion ban

Thousands of people in Warsaw and the biggest cities across Poland took part in demonstrations dubbed Black Friday, against the bill which outlaws abortion for eugenic reasons.

According to the police, about 20,000 people protested in Warsaw, while the City Hall spokesperson Bartosz Milczarczyk said that there were as many as 55,000 protesters.

The protests were also staged in the northern cities of Gdansk and Gdynia, northwestern Szczecin, southern Katowice and central Lodz.

As stated by the police, the demonstrations were "very peaceful" and there were no major incidents in the whole country.

The protests came after a committee in the Sejm (lower house of parliament), on March 19, approved a citizens' draft legislation to ban abortion due to serious and irreversible inadequacies of the foetus. The bill is now be further processed by MPs.