Thirty-one Polish firms on list of Europe’s fastest-growing firms

Over half of the 31 Polish companies which made the Financial Time's list of Europe’s fastest-growing companies are from the modern technology sector

"FT 1000: Europe's Fastest Growing Companies" is a list of the top 1,000 companies in Europe that have achieved the highest percentage growth in revenues between 2016 and 2019.

Spyrosoft, a Polish software and high-quality digital products company, with a 14,783.8 percent growth in the years 2016-2019, took the fifth spot on the list and held the highest position among all ranked Polish firms.

Also, ITDS Poland Business Consultants was ranked 66th and Delante Media, 120th.

Bulb Energy, the UK's largest green energy company, which supplies 6 percent of the market, was the first on the FT1000 list.

FT wrote that all of this year's top ten firms are new entrants, but 314 companies had also appeared in the 2020 ranking. Ninety-two firms have been ranked among the fastest growing over a span of three consecutive years.

According to FT the ranking reflects the growth achieved by technology businesses, which dominated with 219 entrants, up from 189 last year. When added to the related but distinct categories of fintech and ecommerce, that total climbed to 290.

For the first time, Italy has the most entries on the list (269). Next is Germany (204) and France (162). FT wrote that as in last year’s ranking, London was the city with the greatest number of fast-growing companies (71), placing ahead of Paris (45) and Milan (36).