Thirty days enough to put in order situation on border with Belarus

A Polish government spokesman has stated that the government will prove in the coming days that the state of emergency is a necessity to protect Poland's borders.

The Sejm (lower house) on Monday approved the introduction of a state of emergency in areas close to the country’s Belarusian border owing to an alleged attempt by Belarus to destabilise Poland by pushing migrants across the border.

The state of emergency will last for 30 days and will cover 183 localities in the border zone.

"We hope that these 30 days will be enough to put in order the situation on the (Polish-Belarusian) border," Piotr Muller said on Monday after the Sejm had not annulled the president's draft declaring the state of emergency.

"But we are also aware of the fact that the actions taken by the President Lukashenko regime have continued in an organised way," he stated, adding that at least 10,000 migrants had been brought to Belarus by the Belarusian authorities from Middle Eastern countries.

Asked about the possibility of a mass-scale concentration of Polish troops on the border with Belarus, Muller said that no offensive actions were planned.

"We have been in contact with the NATO Command in order to monitor signals from our allies," he stated.

"The Polish army is on standby and ready to react should the integrity of our borders be violated by other troops," he said, expressing hope that such a situation would not happen.