09/06/2018 Saturday

‘Things of Warsaw’ Expo

‘Things of Warsaw’ Expo muzeumwarszawy.pl

The Museum of Warsaw will be putting an astonishing 3,500 new items on display as part of an exhibition dedicated to exploring Warsaw’s identity.

The ‘Things of Warsaw’ expo – the core standalone exhibition of the museum – will introduce new objects from Warsaw’s history, which together will create an intricate narrative of an ever-evolving city. 

Among the new artifacts on display will be postcards, bronze artifacts from prehistoric times, archeological finds and a collection of images of the Warsaw vista.

They will join communist curiosities, ornate silverware, miniatures of famous landmarks, as well as various representations of Warsaw’s coat of arms: the Syrena (mermaid).

The exhibit will be organised into 21 different themes, from Warsaw fashion, to clocks and photography. Each object will tell its own story, with the exhibition guiding visitors around the city via architectural details, photographs, postcards, souvenirs and clothing.

"In twenty-one rooms the visitors will come across the ‘things’: which were “witnesses” to and participants of the history of Warsaw. They serve as a pretext to tell the story of their owners and creators, breakthrough events and long-term processes. We do not present one history and we do not construct one narrative,” said Jarosław Trybuś, Deputy Director for Content of the Museum of Warsaw.

 Instead, “each visitor is offered an opportunity to narrate at their own pace and follow their own route, through their own history of Warsaw”.

The Museum of Warsaw houses over 300,000 objects which form the largest collection of items relating to Warsaw’s history.

The opening of the expanded collection will take place on 9th of June  and will be accompanied by a two-day festival, both inside and outside the museum.

‘Things of Warsaw’ Expo