The Way People Work in Poland Is Changing – Remote Work is On The Rise


Many things about our work life have been static for many years. With the rise of technological solutions, the way we work has changed. Until the pandemic took over the world, remote work was still not very common – something that has changed and made people and businesses in Poland rethink the balance between private- and work-life.

In Poland, just as in many other countries, the job market and how we work have gone through many changes in the past couple of years. The pandemic put a lot of things regarding the way we work into perspective. During the pandemic, most Polish companies were forced to make their employees work remotely. 

This quickly revealed both the pros and cons of remote work in modern work life. Many of the fears regarding remote work were demolished. Employees did not become less productive – for many, it was the contrary. This has resulted in a recent change in the Labour Code. This will make remote work easier from both the employer’s and the employee’s end. It also seems as a clear indication of how our thoughts on productive and constructive work are changing and is a clear statement from the Polish government.

Digitization is Opening New Doors

Our work life is changing for several reasons – not just the pandemic. Many business areas have moved online entirely, opening doors for new possibilities. For instance, since people are increasingly using the internet to buy products, it’s relatively easy to start your business online. eCommerce is one of the fastest growing industries – both on a global scale and in Poland. 

eCommerce is in many ways the business of the future – if not entirely, then partially. The rise of eCommerce is connected with the increasing demand for convenience from consumers. When businesses move online, it changes the way we can run these businesses – and opens up many possibilities for remote work amongst other things. There’s a lot to be learned about the direction of modern works from following eCommerce news.

How Will The Future of Work Life Look Like?

Remote work is without a doubt one of the most discussed subjects these years. Since most work has moved online, now people are even demanding to have the possibility of remote work. Still, some companies are trying to fight against this development and hold onto the traditional and conventional ways of working. 

The job market has become more demanding and the culture around hustling and working harder in the past years has increased. It’s not surprising that the culture is turning upside down. Employees won't allow themselves to be overworked for little to no extra salary or other benefits any longer. Just a couple of years ago it would have been impossible to think that this is how the job market would look like today. Nobody could have foreseen the pandemic and the consequences and possibilities that it brought with it. The change in the Labour Code in Poland shows us that remote work is here to stay. How it will affect Polish businesses, only time can tell.

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