The future of music: Polish pop starlet hailed by Spotify & Rolling Stone

Pośnik’s global exposure comes hot on the heels of the release of her first album, Egoistka. Mira Sałyga (Julia Pośnik/Facebook)

Polish pop starlet Julia Pośnik looks set to become the next big thing after being named by Spotify as one of their “top ten artists to watch”.

Pośnik took to Insta to express her disbelief at the publicity surrounding her debut album.Julia Pośnik/Instagram

The 21-year-old Warsaw artist found her face splashed on a billboard on Times Square the same week that her debut album, Egoistka, was released and has been subsequently hailed as Poland’s next breakout musician.

The 21-year-old Warsaw artist has been tipped to become Poland’s next breakthrough act.Dsll (Julia Pośnik/Facebook)

In addition to being cited by Spotify’s RADAR program, Pośnik and the other nine acts that were highlighted found themselves featured in Rolling Stone magazine.

In all, ten international artists found themselves named “the future of music”.Spotify

Pośnik wrote on her Instagram: “Today the universe has fulfilled one of my craziest dreams –Julia in New York. I still can’t believe this is happening. The day before the premiere of my first album, I appeared on the world’s most famous multimedia billboard in Times Square!

“Every day life proves to me that my dreams have no limits and that perseverance and hard work will always defend themselves.”

Pośnik, who has proved to be a TikTok sensation, has already cultivated a loyal and devoted fanbase.Julia Pośnik/Instagram

The upcoming songstress debuted last summer with Zakochałam się w nieznajomym and swiftly followed it up Wakacje w Warszawie – a hit that has now been viewed over 600,000 times on YouTube.

She returned this year after recording her first album to release the singles Julia w Mieście and Puszczaj in May. The former has already been streamed more than a million times on YouTube, making it her most popular video to date.

Her next song, Our Generation, will be her first English-language release.Mira Sałyga (Julia Pośnik/Facebook)

Pośnik, who has proved to be a TikTok sensation, has already cultivated a loyal and devoted fanbase. Known for inspirational posts targeted at young women, the singer earlier appealed for fans to apply to appear in the video for Julia w Mieście via an app – over 3,000 responded with those selected featuring as backing dancers on the vid.

Since then, Pośnik has helped stir the buzz around her yet further by releasing the album’s title track, Egoistka, and another song, 6 piętro, ahead of the album’s premier.

Available on Spotify, the streaming service says that so far Pośnik has amassed 449,110 monthly listeners.

This number is likely to explode thanks to the latest round of exposure and yet even further when her next release, Our Generation, lands. Recorded in English, it will likely serve as an exciting indication of how willing international audiences are to embrace Poland’s latest music star.