The 10th European Economic Congress to be held in Katowice

PAP/Grzegorz Michałowski

Poland's Minister for Entrepreneurship and Technology, Jadwiga Emilewicz, told PAP on Friday that the new pro-investment bill, recently approved by the Sejm (lower house), entails groundbreaking changes and entrepreneurs had a key say in its shape.

The bill, which was approved by the Sejm on Thursday evening and now progresses to the Senate (upper house), turns the whole of Poland into a special economic zone.

Investors - both large and small - will be eligible for 10 to 15-year tax breaks. Moreover, they are no longer going to need to relocate to a specific area in order to obtain these breaks.

Up till now, there were 14 special economic zones, covering around 0,01 percent of Poland's area.

Emilewicz, whose ministry prepared the draft legislation, told PAP that it contains "key changes" and so had to be prepared "down to every detail."

"What is significant," she added, "is that we worked together with entrepreneurs, which is hugely important for us, as it is for their sake that we are changing the business environment in Poland."

Under the bill, tax breaks will be granted according to the location and nature of the investment, as well as the quality of jobs to be created. Medium-sized towns whose social and economic importance is diminishing will be preferred, while unemployment rate and investor size are also set to be considered.