TFN’s Top 10 May weekend getaways

Known for showcasing history and heritage, from its engaging cities to its national parks, white-sand beaches, pristine lakes and beautiful mountains, every corner of Poland has something to offer. PAP

With Mayday bank holiday just around the corner and weather getting spring-ready, TFN has gathered 10 places to escape to over the coming long weekend.


While known for its winter attractions and ski resorts around its various towns, the rest of the year the Tatra National Park is a peaceful countryside dotted with kilometers of green fields, little villages and wide flora and fauna make it a great escape from the city.   Grzegorz Momot/PAP

Only two hours drive south of Kraków, its most famous city Zakopane, house of artists and writers offers a wide variety of restaurants, shops and attractions.   Grzegorz Momot/PAP

Also known for its hiking trails, visitors can walk through beautiful scenarios and lakes within the park, the variety is such that there’s a hike for every physical level from Morskie Oko to Poland’s highest point Rysy certainly is a place for nature lovers.   Grzegorz Momot/PAP


Positioned along the Baltic Sea coast and separated by only 20km of shoreline, Tricity in the North of Poland is the perfect getaway.   Adam Warżawa/PAP

Cosmopolitan Gdansk, the most famous of the three, offers a wide range of historical and maritime activities including the World War II Museum, the European Solidarity Centre, which mark two key moments for the city and Poland’s biggest zoo. The gloriously rebuilt Old Town definitely deserves a visit.  Jerzy Ochoński/PAP

Boasting a great nightlife and an iconic Pier, Sopot, located just a few kilometers west from Gdansk is the one of the most famous and fashionable towns in Poland.   Adam Warżawa/PAP

It’s sandy beaches, top class hotels, spas, bike paths and forest trails make it a perfect place to relax.   Jerzy Ochoński/PAP

For lovers of a more 20th century vibe, Poland’s sailing capital, Gdynia makes a perfect one day trip.   Adam Warżawa/PAP

Located just 30 minutes from its more touristic sister city Gdansk, its beaches and naval history mixed with many bars, shops and restaurants bring a perfect combination for all tastes.   Jerzy Ochoiński/PAP


World famous Krakow with its perfect mix of historical sites, boutique shops, affordable restaurants and museums should be on everyone’s list.   Kalbar/TFN

Considered one of the most stunning cities in all of Europe and hosting UNESCO World Heritage attractions, a stroll around the Vistula river with spring weather, the Wawel Castle, the jewish district and the Old Town alongside with many museums and a great nightlife Krakow is great for not only solo travelers but couples and families.  Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

A long weekend in the city is also a great opportunity to visit the medieval Wieliczka Salt Mines, a 800 year old salt mine with theatrical displays, underground lakes and great chambers. CC BY 2.0 

Kraków is also a perfect starting point to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp an important and heartbreaking place to learn about the atrocities of the Holocaust. CC BY 2.0

For families and roller coaster lovers, Poland’s largest amusement park Energylandia, located just 50km from Krakow houses one of the most extreme and fun attractions in the country and will certainly worth a visit.  Energylandia 


Included in UNESCO World Heritage List for its authentic Gothic architecture that has been preserved despite the wars, Torun’s boasts a large number of sights that will transport you to medieval ages.  Peter Erik Forsberg

Although far more popular as a day trip, Torun has much more to offer, pleasantly walkable and not as busy as Krakow, the city offers an escape from chaos.  Tytus Żmijewski/PAP

Apart from its old city walls, the remains of the Teutonic Castle, its churches, cafés and architecture it is also the perfect place to try and cook its famous gingerbread.  Kalbar/TFN

Home of Nicolaus Copernicus, it still holds its tradition of being a strong scientific centre.  Tytus Żmijewski/PAP


Recently added to the famous Michelin Guide, Poznan popularity is on the rise not only as a beautiful city but as a food hub for the country.  Polish Tourism Organisation

Still an underrated city, Poznan is a great place to explore for history lovers having been the capital of Poland in the 9th century.  CC BY-SA 3.0 

Located in the North-west, Poznan has insanely beautiful architecture around its old town which reflect its rich history.  CC BY-SA 4.0 

Its enourmous green areas and many cultural events like open-air concerts are perfect for a family getaway.  Bogdan Borowiak/PAP


Known for being home to over 2,000 lakes connected by rivers and canals, Masurian Lake District is a heaven for boaters, swimmers and hikers.   fotolandia/Stockimo/Alamy Stock Photo

Located in northeastern Poland and surrounded by beautiful hills, the area is home to Lake Śniardwy, Poland's largest lake and dense forests. Gregory Wrona/AlamyOnly three hours away from Warsaw, the Lake District hosts a ton of charming resort towns, organic farms, rivers and lakes with hundreds of activities to choose from.   Jerzy Ochoński/PAP

For WW2 history lovers, it also houses the famous Wolfschanze (Wolf’s Lair), Hitler’s secret military headquarters, site of the failed July 1944 assassination attempt.   CC BY-SA 3.0 


Spring is the perfect time to visit the north-eastern part of Poland.   Michał Zieliński/PAP

Being the only place to find the European bison, Europe’s largest land mammal, roaming freely should be a reason enough to visit this eastern paradise.   Tomasz Waszczuk/PAP

Its unique biodiversity, includes species that are scarce or even extinct elsewhere in Europe. A trip during the bank holiday will allow you to listen to birds and frogs at the start of the mating season.   Artur Reszko/PAP

A great place to hike, camp (in the designated areas) and escape from the big cities, the forest includes villages that are home to unique cultural mixes.  Budy/Facebook


Poland’s famous capital is the perfect mix between old and new.  Albert Zawada/PAP

Named the best European destination of 2023, the country’s biggest city has a lot to offer for a weekend getaway.  Radek Pietruszka/PAP

It’s beautiful Old Town, completely reconstructed after WW2 alongside its enormous parks and the Vistula River make a great spring visit.  Albert Zawada/PAP

House of many museums, cultural events, famous attractions, world-known restaurants and a vivid nightlife, Warsaw offers a glimpse of many stages of the country.   Hala Koszyki/Facebook

A very walkable city, Warsaw has a never-ending list of activities for all ages on both banks of the river.  Szymon Pulcyn/PAP


Cobbled streets, beautiful corners and colorful townhouses with many details can be found in every corner of Lublin.  Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

A great escape into the past, the city is a perfect example of picturesque Central European cities.  Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

Owning a great culinary scene, Lublin is known for producing one of the most popular beers in Poland, Perła and also for its famous onion pastry Cebularz.  Wojtek Jargiło/PAP

As a small city, it can be explored in a couple of days but it’s an ideal starting point to visit other surrounding towns like renaissance town of Zamość (pictured) or artistic centre Kazimierz Dolny.  Piotr Gaborek/Alamy Stock PhotoWROCŁAW

With its abundance of canals, Wrocław is sometimes referred to as the Venice of Poland.ESW/TFN

For many, the best of Wrocław manifests itself on the Cathedral Island – a magnificent area whose horizon comes spiked with towering steeples.ESW/TFN

Reaching epidemic proportions, for years the city has been associated with quirky statuettes of cheerful little gnomes.ESW/TFN

Whether it’s to hip specialty cafes, pokey local shot bars or velvety clubs, the locals require little excuse to head into the night.ESW/TFN

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