Territorial defence troops a perfect support for operational forces - MoD

Poland's new Territorial Defence Forces are an excellent support for the operational forces, Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak said Sunday at an oath ceremony for territorial troops in Morag in the north-Polish Warminsko-Mazurskie province.

In his address to 130 freshly sworn-in territorial defence soldiers, Blaszczak observed that the territorial forces were trained to handle crisis situations, mainly in their local area. He added that the force had a high morale and was a very effective support for the Polish army's operational units.

Blaszczak said the territorial force carried on the tradition of Poland's World War Two Home Army (AK) anti-Nazi underground, the biggest resistance force in German-occupied Europe. He stressed that territorial defence units were closely tied to their local communities, whose protection in critical situations was one of their main duties.

In a letter to the new territorial recruits, PM Mateusz Morawiecki wrote that although the territorial force was the youngest part of the Polish Armed Forces, it was of immense importance for national security.

Recalling the territorial force's motto "always ready, always close," Morawiecki stressed that territorial troops were trained to defend their country and aid the civilian population locally.

Attending the ceremony in Morag's Municipal Park were government and local officials, Home Army veterans, the recruits' families and several hundred local inhabitants.

Morag houses the Warminsko-Mazurskie province's 4th Territorial Defence Brigade. The Territorial Defence Force currently numbers about 9,000 troops, its target stand is 53,000 soldiers grouped in 17 brigades countrywide.