Swiss you were here? Swiss companies are pouring money into Poland - and now there’s another

Swiss giant Sulzer Mixpac AG opened its new branch in Poland on 26th September. PAP

Swiss giant Sulzer Mixpac AG has opened a new branch in Poland.

Based in Nowa Wieś Wrocławska, the 6,300 sq m plant manufactures mixers and cartridges which are then distributed to customers all over the world. 

According to current plans the company will employ approximately 100 qualified workers with prospects for more in the future. 

Benjamin Schwaegli, head of the Swiss Hub in Poland, told TFN: “Swiss investors see the competitive advantage of Poland especially in its highly qualified and motivated labour force. 

“Labour costs are no longer the main incentive of the Polish economy. The Swiss also value the Polish work ethos: diligence, commitment and identification with the company's objectives.” 

Though the low unemployment rate could soon mean trouble for employers trying to find workers, Poland is still attractive for business. 

“It‘s economic strengths remain unchanged: stable economic growth, a large domestic market, a broad supplier base, steadily expanding infrastructure, numerous investment incentives, rising consumer spending, EU membership and good geographical location.

The region of Lower Silesia seems to be the favourite area for the flow of Swiss money in various industries. 

Companies such as Georg Utz, Nestle, Oerlikon Balzers, Ronal, Zehnder operate their production plants there. 

Almost three months ago another Swiss company - Oetiker opened its factory in Legnickie Pole.

Swiss companies have poured around 17.5 billion PLN into Poland making it the second largest non-EU investor into the country after the USA.

Poland is the sixth largest market for plastic processing in Europe with annual growth rates above the European average. 

Other Swiss companies specialising in plastics that have chosen Poland as their investment location are Rotho Kunststoff and Georg Utz, the latter being located just 10 km from the Sulzer Mixpac plant.

In total, Swiss companies in Poland employ around 35,000 people which, says Benjamin Schwaegli from the Swiss Hub, means: “The goods produced in Poland are able to meet the highest expectations of the Swiss market.”