Suwalki Gap well protected says defence minister

The Suwalki Gap is sufficiently protected by Polish and allied troops, said Poland’s defence minister on Wednesday.

The gap, which stretches about 100 kilometres along the Lithuanian-Polish border and lies sandwiched between Belarus and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, has long been regarded as a vulnerable point in Nato's defences, if conflict breaks out with Russia.

A Russian attack through the gap could cut off the Baltic states. A few days ago, The Politico website, citing several military strategists, wrote that in the event of a clash between Russia and Nato the gap would probably be the "first point of contact."

Mariusz Blaszczak told reporters at a press conference that the Suwalki Gap, was "sufficiently protected" by allied forces deployed as part of Nato's enhanced Forward Presence (eFP) and "through the expansion and development of units making up (Poland's – PAP) 16th Mechanised Division."

"An important element in building security and strength in this part of our country is cooperation with Lithuania," the defence minister added. "Because our primary task is to deter the aggressor and to not allow the aggressor to cross the border onto the territory of Poland."