Suwalki economic zone issues 15 business permits in 2017

The Suwalki Special Economic Zone in north-eastern Poland issued 15 business permits during the entire year 2017, the zone's management has announced.

Operators in six of the zone's 19 sub-zones have declared investments to the tune of PLN 268 million (EUR 64.51 million) and the creation of 272 new jobs. 

The biggest project, to cost PLN 55 million (EUR 13.24 million), is planned by the Padma 3.0 company, which has so far invested PLN 110 million (EUR 26.48 million) in the zone.

The largest investment now underway is the construction of three plants by TANNE, a subsidiary of Forte, one of the largest European manufacturers of self-assembled furniture. The overall value of the project, to be concluded by 2020, is estimated at PLN 700 million (EUR 168.5 million). It includes the building of a storage facility as well as chipboard and furniture plants.     

The Suwalki Special Economic Zone opened in 1997 and currently covers over 663 hectares. It is divided into 19 sub-zones located in Poland's north-eastern provinces. 

So far, the zone has issued business permits to over 100 companies. The overall value of investments exceeded PLN 3.0 billion (EUR 720 million) at the end of 2017. The projects generated some 10,000 new jobs.

Poland currently operates 14 special economic zones, jointly covering 0.8 percent of the country's territory, or 21,462 hectares. The cumulated value of invested capital reached PLN 112.3 billion (EUR 26.95 billion) at the end of 2016.