Survey shows 88 pct of firms have enabled remote work during epidemic

During the coronavirus epidemic, 88 percent of companies in Poland have implemented remote work, a survey conducted by the Lewiatan Confederation reveals.

The study also reported that in over 70 percent of the companies participating in the survey, their employees had benefited from childcare allowance for a child up to eight years of age, introduced in connection with the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the study, 13 percent of employers indicated that some of their workers were in quarantine.

The survey showed that 11 percent of employees were absent from work. Of this group, most people were not working because of suspended or limited production (for example, in the automotive industry and in footwear production), although this reason had affected only a few production plants.

It was noted that absences from work were also due to vacations (including unpaid) and sick leave for reasons other than COVID-19.

The survey, conducted on March 16, covered 210 companies employing nearly 110,000 employees.