Survey reveals biggest all-time drop in number of smokers in Poland

Łukasz Ogrodowczyk/PAP

At 26 percent, Poland's smoking population is at its lowest in surveyed history, the CBOS pollster reported Tuesday in a survey. Eighty two percent of smokers smoke regularly, one in 20 occasionally.

More men smoke (31 percent) than women (21 percent), with 26 percent of male and 17 percent of female smokers admitting to regular tobacco use. The male smoking population has gone down visibly since 2012, when 40 percent declared themselves as smokers.

Most smokers are aged between 45 and 64, smoking is least widespread in the 18-24 age group. Smoking is highest among the unemployed (45 percent) and unskilled workers (49), and lowest among executives and specialists (each 15 percent) and school youth and students (each 14 percent).

CBOS wrote that Poland's smoking population is a its lowest since it launched regular surveys on the matter.

CBOS ran the survey on July 4-11 on a random sample of 1,077 adult Poles.